Orthodpedic & Physical Therapy Marshfield, Joint Pain Eau Claire, WI
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Occupational therapy for effective pain relief and optimal function

Our full-service therapy center is staffed by experienced occupational and physical therapist professionals. Together, they use a variety of hands-on treatments and manual therapy techniques to help you get back in the game faster and stronger.

Our therapists work closely with physicians and clients to provide a continuum of care. Treatment often begins within days of the injury or surgery and continues until the client has returned to work and/or a productive lifestyle. 

Conditions treated

At Wisconsin River Orthopaedic Institute, our therapists specialize in treating conditions throughout the body, including:

  • Traumatic injuries
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Sports injuries
    • ACL and MCL injuries
    • Ankle pain and sprains
    • Running injuries
  • Back pain and neck pain
  • Joint replacements and joint pain
  • Repetitive motion syndromes
    (carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome)
  • Amputations
  • Knee pain and hip pain
  • Arthritis and bursitis
  • Tendon and nerve injuries
  • Overuse injuries
  • Balance impairments
  • And much more! 

Evaluation and treatment

Following a thorough evaluation, an individualized treatment plan will be developed for each client and may include:

  • Range of motion and strengthening exercises
  • Control of swelling
  • Moist heat and cold therapy
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Ultrasound, iontopharesis and electrical stimulation
  • Scar and soft tissue massage
  • Desensitization and sensory re-education
  • Joint protection principles
  • Home exercise programs
  • Fitness activities
  • Postural retraining
  • Kinesio taping
  • Injury prevention 

Along with our four board-certified orthopaedic surgeons and several decades of combined experience, we’re confident we can help you with any type of sports injury. We always look for the most effective treatment options to achieve the best possible results.

To learn more about our therapy services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 715.424.1881 with your questions. For your convenience, you can use our Request an Appointment form to book your consultation. Our therapy patients come to us from Marshfield, Stevens Point, Plover, Eau Claire and Tomah.

When a sports injury brings you to your knees, bring your knees to us

Your knees, shoulders and elbows are complex structures that help you perform both on the field and off. So trauma or overuse can affect your ability to function at your best and truly enjoy the game of life. Our skilled board-certified orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists have exceptional training and experience in all kinds of sports-related injuries.

Advanced care for sports injuries

Sports injuries are increasingly common for high-school and college athletes, weekend warriors and elite professionals. Athletic competition makes you want to push your limits to the point of injuring yourself. A sports-related injury can compromise your ability to perform at your highest level.

The board-certified orthopaedic surgeons at Wisconsin River Orthopaedic Institute are sports medicine specialists who use nonsurgical and advanced minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to reduce pain and restore function. We also offer physical therapy services, with experienced physical and occupational therapists. Arthroscopic surgery reduces scarring, postsurgical pain and recovery time. We understand the unique needs of active people and offer leading-edge treatment for:

  • Shoulder pain, rotator cuff tear, impingement, frozen shoulder
  • Elbow tendonitis (tennis elbow)
  • Wrist pain and injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hand injuries, trigger finger, Dupuytren’s
  • Knee pain (ACL, MCL, meniscus tear symptoms, patellofemoral problems)
  • Ankle pain and sprains
  • Foot pain and injuries, plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain and Achilles tendon injuries
  • All kinds of fractures

When you need the most effective solutions to reduce pain and restore full function, trust Wisconsin River Orthopaedic Institute to deliver first-class orthopaedic care and treatment.


Why stay on the sidelines when we can get you back in your game? For top-notch sports medicine, give us a call at 715.424.1881. For your convenience, you can use our Request an Appointment form to book your consultation. Our sports medicine patients come to us from Tomah, Marshfield, Stevens Point, Plover and Eau Claire.

We’ve helped thousands of people overcome musculoskeletal problems

With a strong focus on nonoperative or minimally invasive arthoscopic procedures, we help many people with:

Explore new treatment options for your musculoskeletal condition when you visit us. Call us at 715.424.1881 or use our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your appointment. Our service area includes Eau Clair, Tomah, Marshfield, Stevens Point and Plover.

Your one stop for complete orthopedic care

Patients – and the doctors who refer them – like the fact that everything they need is right here, including a fully accredited onsite surgery center with state-of-the-art technology, open MRI, plus physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Most of all, patients prefer our personalized, one-on-one care. You see your own doctor at every visit, and your doctor and our staff are just a phone call away when you need help. It adds up to an outstanding patient experience.

The physicians’ choice for top-notch orthopedic care

We are most often referred to by area doctors when their patients need orthopedic care. Our referring colleagues appreciate our:

  • Accessibility to see new patients within one to two days in most cases

  • Caring, compassionate physicians committed to their patients’ needs and providing an outstanding patient experience

  • Ability to work seamlessly with their offices

  • Quality care that gets great results

  • Timely reporting and flexibility

  • Comprehensive care that’s convenient for their patients


Our history

Dr. Wolfgang Dietsche founded the orthopedic group in Wisconsin Rapids in 1967. Dr. Johnson joined him in July 1982. Unfortunately, Dr. Dietsche was forced to retire due to health issues in 1986. After being on his own for an entire year, Dr. Johnson added Dr. James Wilkes to the practice in July 1987. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wilkes were together at the Dewey Street Clinic until July 1995, when they felt they needed to add another surgeon, Dr. Douglas Galuk. The group had outgrown the Dewey Street Clinic and moved into a new office space in a building built by Riverview Hospital. When the group started looking to add a fourth surgeon to the group, they decided to build their own space and created Wisconsin River Orthopaedic Institute, which included clinic space, an outpatient surgery center, physical therapy, occupational therapy and an open MRI machine. The group moved into the new building in June 2006. Dr. Todd Duellman joined the group in August 2006. Dr. Johnson retired from the group in May 2014, and that is when the group added Dr. Thomas Smedberg.

We are the number-one choice for top-notch orthopedic care. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 715.424.1881. Or use our online Request an Appointment form to book your consultation. Our patients come to us from Stevens Point, Plover, Eau Claire, Tomah and Marshfield.


"I am very impressed with the quality of treatment by the Doctors and all of the staff…excellent is the only word to describe my experience. - D.P."
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For your orthopedic needs, contact Wisconsin River Orthopaedic Institute at 715.424.1881 . For your convenience, you can fill out our online Request an Appointment form to book your consultation. We...
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