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Boost Bone Density With a Calcium-Rich Diet and Exercise

bone density decline

Bone density decline is a natural part of aging. But with the correct diet, we can stop further bone loss and have a strong and healthy skeletal system as we age.

A calcium-rich diet can boost density and strengthen bones. Ideally, this bone-boosting diet should include an 8-ounce glass of milk three times a day. Fish is also a good source of calcium-absorbing vitamin D; this nutrient can be found in tuna, herring and salmon. To achieve good bone quality, you also need magnesium – leafy green veggies are rich in this nutrient.

There are food items that you need to avoid because they are bad for the bones. First on the list are salty foods such as processed meats and canned soups; they sap calcium from the body.

If you’re a coffee lover, perhaps minimize your intake, as caffeine can impede the body’s calcium absorption. You might want to limit it to three cups per day. Alcohol, however, can be very damaging to the bones, causing density loss at a faster rate.

To strengthen bones, taking supplements can help. More calcium is needed for the following:

Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are highly recommended. You could split it into two: one-half in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Be careful not to overdose on these supplements; too much can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Ask your doctor regarding the recommended daily dose.

Weight-bearing exercises can also help strengthen bones. Activities like walking and jogging can boost bone density. As for exercises that involve twisting or bending like Pilates and yoga, perform these motions with caution.

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