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Odd Reasons Why Your Back Hurts

back pain

Did you know low back pain is the number-one cause of disability? Almost 30 percent of people in the U.S. have reported suffering from back pain that lasted for at least a day.

Have you hurt your back? You probably bent the wrong way while picking up something off the floor. Or you probably overexerted when you tried to lift the heavy sofa. If your back is bothering you and you can’t figure out what caused it, you might want to check out these weird and unusual culprits.

Wrong Position of Your Pelvis

Misalignment of your pelvis can cause low back pain. Fitness expert and neurophysiologist Chad Waterbury explained, “The pelvic girdle consists of three bones that can shift depending on which muscles are weak or stiff. In most people, the left side of the pelvis is rotated to the right.” As a result, the muscles of the lower back are pulled, causing stiffness or pain.

Weak Abs/Core Muscles

Weak abdominals could mean having the weakest link in the group of muscles that comprise our core. As a result, the lower back muscles have to exert more effort and pick up the slack. In turn, this will cause pain or fatigue in the low back muscles.

“If your abs and lower back are strong, you can handle lifting heavier loads and bending and twisting is less likely to cause a twinge, pop, or injury,” corrective exercise expert Ryan Krane related.

Prolonged Sitting

Did you know sitting for long periods can trigger low back pain? Sitting too long can cause the spine to become less elastic, making it stiff and prone to pain or injury, Ron Besch, dean of clinics at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, said.

“By moving around in different directions, the vertebrae surrounding the disk separate and compress, creating a pump-type system that pulls fluid in and out of the disc,” Besch contended. Every 30 minutes, stand and stretch your spine to prevent low back problems.

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