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Joint Replacement Specialist

Wisconsin River Orthopaedics

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Life goes by quickly; don’t let joint pain stop you from enjoying every minute of it. The skilled teams at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics specialize in hip, knee, and shoulder replacement procedures to help people reclaim mobility, restore movement and return to the quality of life they enjoy. From comprehensive evaluation to complete recovery, find personalized care from surgical experts who have dedicated their lives to helping others improve theirs.

Ease the pain, everything to gain

Joint procedures:

  • Reverse and anatomic total shoulder replacement
  • Total or partial knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement

Reverse total shoulder replacement

The shoulder is complex and sophisticated. The most mobile joint in the body, its ball-and-socket structure is also one of the most vulnerable to injuries. At Wisconsin River Orthopaedics, board-certified orthopaedic surgeons specialize in reverse total shoulder replacement, an advanced procedure to help patients regain the full range of motion they once had.

Reverse shoulder replacement may be an option for: 

  • Individuals with a completely torn rotator cuff that is not repairable
  • Those whose issues haven’t improved after a traditional shoulder replacement procedure or rotator cuff surgery
  • Older adults with severe arthritis in the shoulder joint and have limited—or no—mobility


Learn more https://www.wroinstitute.com/services/reverse-total-shoulder-replacement

Total or partial knee replacement

With three bones, two cartilage disks and three major ligaments connecting it to the major muscle groups that provide stability, the knee is one of the most complicated joints of the body. Arthritis is a common cause of knee pain, stiffness, and swelling. At some point, arthritis affects most people—the result of aging, normal wear and tear or post-traumatic arthritis after an injury. When pain and loss of mobility become overwhelming, a knee replacement can help people regain knee function with less pain. The experts at Wisconsin River Orthopedics provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine if patients are candidates for a partial or total knee replacement procedure.

Knee replacement may be an option for:

  • Individuals living with rheumatoid arthritis
  • People with increasing pain and decreasing mobility after a knee injury (post-traumatic arthritis)
  • Those with osteoarthritis or other debilitating knee pain impacting their ability to function

Learn more https://www.wroinstitute.com/services/knee-replacement

Total hip replacement

The body’s largest ball and socket joint, the hip allows people to straighten their bodies and move their legs. One of the most commonly replaced joints in the body, hip replacement procedures are a reality—and blessing—for many as they age. Later in life, hip fractures, particularly associated with falls, are a serious concern. Most commonly, osteoarthritis—arthritis that develops over time from normal use—can mean terrible pain even without any trauma. The surgical experts at Wisconsin River Orthopedics replace the ball joint of the hip with metal and plastic, a procedure that helps patients restore mobility, regain stability and often rediscover more active, independent lives.


Total hip replacement may an option for:

  • People with chronic or significant pain that is impacting other parts of their bodies
  • Arthritis sufferers unable to find pain relief through nonsurgical methods
  • Those unable to do routine tasks—like putting on shoes or walking normal distances—without pain


Learn more at https://www.wroinstitute.com/services/total-hip-replacement