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Spine Surgery

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Your lifestyle can sometimes take a toll on your back, causing pain and discomfort. The reason might be a herniated disc or other back condition and need spine surgery, the team at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics can set you on the path to recovery with a technologically advanced but conservative approach. To find out more, call the office in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, or book a consultation online.

Spine Surgery Q & A

How does my spine get injured?

Trauma, aging, structural abnormalities, and unhealthy body mechanics can all harm your spine. This often leads to back pain, leg pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

While most spine-related conditions don’t require surgery, in some cases, surgery may be your best option. 

Why would I need spine surgery?

Generally, your doctor at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics recommends non-surgical treatments for a period of time before suggesting spine surgery. If non-surgical treatments, such as medications and physical therapy, aren’t giving you relief, it may be time to consider spine surgery. 

Your doctor at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics determines if you’re a good candidate for surgery. They may recommend surgery if you have conditions such as spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, or cervical radiculopathy.

What’s the difference between open surgery and minimally invasive surgery?

Traditionally, spinal surgeries involved an open surgery where a long incision was made giving the surgeon a clear view of the spine. However, this large incision typically meant more recovery time and more pain after surgery. 

Now, advances in technology allow the team at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics to treat a broad range of spine conditions with minimally invasive spine surgery or MISS. These types of surgery call for smaller incisions, giving you a faster recovery and less pain after surgery. 

What are the types of spine surgery?

Because your spine is a highly complex system, Wisconsin River Orthopaedics offers a variety of surgeries to treat a wide range of spine-related conditions. Some of these surgeries include:

  • Microdiscectomy - A minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove a herniated disc and alleviate pressure on a compressed nerve.
  • Spinal fusion - Surgery that fuses the vertebrae; for treatment of back problems including degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, fractured vertebra, or herniated disc.
  • Disc replacement - Involves replacing an injured disc with a man-made one.

If you’ve been troubled by back pain and are considering options such as spine surgery, you can rely on Wisconsin River Orthopaedics to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that’s right for you. Call or schedule a consultation online today.