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Get the right care right away with same-day orthopaedic visits
Sudden orthopaedic pain and injuries can be stressful—physically, mentally, financially and logistically. Same-day visits at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics can help make a challenging time a bit simpler. Fast access hours mean you can get the right care where—and when—you need it. If you have a non-life-threatening sport- or work-related injury, fall, accident or sudden pain and suspect you've injured a bone, muscle or joint, getting care from orthopaedic experts can mean you get diagnosed and treated faster—so you can start healing sooner. 5 benefits to same-day care Read more

Return to School Means Return to School Sports

As summer winds down, it's time to head back to class — and school athletics. School athletics are an important part of childhood where kids get exercise, learn to work as a team and hone leadership skills. While beneficial, school athletics also pose an injury risk. According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine, approximately 3.5 million youth sports injuries occur in the United States annually. Each year, one in three participants seeks medical attention for a sports-related injury, with sprains and strains being the most common of injuries.1The good news: according to a 2014 study, Read more

Shoulder pain – what, why and what do I do about it?

Shoulder pain comes in all shapes and sizes and at all times of life most commonly in our teenage years and into our 20s and then again between ages 40 and 60. As we age arthritis can set in and this brings on a whole different level and type of shoulder pain. The focus of this blog will be rotator cuff injuries and how that fits into the grand scheme of things.

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Tests and Treatments for Osteoporosis

As we age, we tend to lose bone density, which usually begins after age 30. The reason behind this is the body’s decreased production of collagen and calcium phosphate. But while bone density loss is a normal part of aging, osteoporosis isn’t.

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How to live with gout

Do you suffer from chronic gout? When there is a high level of uric acid in your body, this chemical builds up around the joint, causing pain or discomfort. Alcohol, stress and certain medications can trigger an increase in uric acid levels, which can result in a gout flare-up.

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What’s that buzzing feeling in my hand?

Have you ever felt like your hand is completely asleep and you have to shake it loose to try to wake it up. Does it happen when you’re talking on the phone or when you’re writing a letter or signing a check. Does the hand sometimes feel hot or cold?  Do you have pain that goes from your wrist all the way up your arm and to your neck. Do your hands wake you up in the middle of the night with this buzzing sensation that just won’t go away? You might have carpal tunnel.

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