You may not realize how much you take your feet and ankles for granted until you develop an injury; foot and ankle injuries can impede your ability to support your body weight, stand upright, or walk.

The team of experts at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics specializes in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle injuries. They offer many innovative treatments and therapies to support your needs, alleviate your pain and help you get back to doing what you love – as quickly as possible.

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What are common foot and ankle injuries?

Your feet and ankles support your body weight when standing upright and during locomotion. The function of your feet and ankles makes them vulnerable to injuries, especially if you play sports.

There are many types of foot and ankle injuries that cause pain and affect normal function, including:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Achilles tendon tear
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fractures
  • Puncture wounds
  • Dislocation
  • Stress fracture
  • Bursitis

People with diabetes are also at risk of developing foot problems due to poor circulation and nerve damage in their feet. Additionally, if you have diabetes, you can have a cut or wound on your foot and not feel it, which may lead toward a more serious condition or injury.

No matter the cause or type of foot or ankle injury, the team at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics can provide the care you need.

How are foot and ankle injuries diagnosed?

When you visit Wisconsin River Orthopaedics with concerns about a foot or ankle injury, the team conducts a thorough exam to accurately diagnose your injury. First, they ask how the injury happened and the location of your pain. They also ask about the type of pain you feel and the activities that make it worse or better. Your provider performs a physical and examines the foot and ankle to assess strength, balance, and mobility. To confirm or rule out a diagnosis, your provider runs various diagnostic tests, which may include lab work, X-rays, ultrasound, or MRIs.

For your convenience, Wisconsin River Orthopaedics has an on-site open MRI machine.

How are foot and ankle injuries treated?

Treatment for foot and ankle injuries depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your symptoms, and your lifestyle.

The team at Wisconsin River Orthopaedics includes orthopaedic providers who specialize in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery. No matter your needs, Wisconsin River Orthopaedics can provide the right care.

When possible, your provider takes a conservative approach to the treatment of your foot or ankle injury, which may include:

  • Activity modification
  • Rest, ice, compression, and elevation
  • Physical therapy
  • Change in footwear
  • Pain medication
  • Custom-made orthotics
  • Thermal and electrical modalities
  • Customized splinting

If conservative treatments fail to improve your foot or ankle injury, the orthopaedic experts may suggest surgery. Wisconsin River Orthopaedics has an on-site, fully accredited surgery center. When performing procedures for foot and ankle injuries, the surgeons use advanced, minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques to reduce post-surgical pain and recovery time.

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