The body’s largest ball and socket joint, the hip allows people to straighten their bodies and move their legs. A hip replacement is one of the most common joint procedures, and is a reality – and blessing – for many as they age.

Later in life, hip fractures, particularly associated with falls, are a serious concern. Most commonly, osteoarthritis – arthritis that develops over time from normal use – can mean terrible pain even without any trauma.

The surgical experts at Wisconsin River Orthopedics replace the ball joint of the hip with metal and plastic, a procedure that helps patients restore mobility, regain stability, and often rediscover more active, independent lives.

Total hip replacement may be an option for:

  • People with chronic or significant pain that is impacting other parts of their bodies
  • Arthritis sufferers unable to find pain relief through nonsurgical methods
  • Those unable to do routine tasks without pain, such as putting on shoes or walking normal distances

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